March 24 2021


Peter Kuperman is CEO and Founder at Hatch Coding. He started coding when he was nine and now, he is working to spread that passion to over 40,000 students. Hatch believes that students learn better through hands-on-activities, that is why they offer an awesome library of over 600 projects that students can choose from. Tune in to hear about Peter’s time spent studying alongside Elon Musk, working with Jeff Johnson, and his advice for young entrepreneurs.

March 1 2021


Abarna, a lawyer by training,  She started her career by leading social-impact initiatives for massive companies like PriceWaterHouseCoopers and Leighton. In 2014, Abarna co-founded Palmera, a development agency that works in Sri Lanka to help vulnerable families earn a living income.

April 28 2021


Vadim Lidich is a an immigrant turned serial-entrepreneur. He taught himself to speak English after arriving in Canada at age 17. Now he is the CEO and Founder of coSquare - a company that is disrupting the legal profession.

June 17


Angela loves inspiring and empowering students and new graduates. She is the founder of instructiv, a social enterprise that supports students to get their dream job and excel in their role, no matter their academic or socioeconomic background. Previously, she was a Management Consultant focused on transforming the public sector to ensure equitable access to services for all.