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How to Make your First Million

Learn how successful entrepreneurs made their first million dollars. Featuring Neil Wainwright, founder of Nexonia and UpHabit

How to Make your First Million
Learn from CEOs of multimillion dollar companies and people from places like Harvard, MIT, Wharton, Stanford and more.
Feb 02, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
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About the Event

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What we Do?

The Youth Innovation Forum is a monthlyonline, conference series for driven teens. This non-profit initiative is led by university students from top institutions across the US and Canada. 

Our aim: to connect ambitious teens with leaders in the business world

Why Attend?

Learn from our exclusive lineup of speakers. 

These are people who come from places like Harvard, Wharton, and MIT as well as the CEOs of multi-million dollar startups. 

Learn what you need to do get kick start your journey as a leader.

Who Should Attend?

High School and University Students who are interested in: ​​

  • Building their own business one day

  • Learning from influential leaders

  • Getting into top universities / companies


Past and Current Keynote Speakers


Founder of Nexonia, UpHabit

Neil Wainwright

Neil is a serial entrepreneur who has built over 8 successful startups over the past three decades. Currently, he is the CEO and Founder of UpHabit, as well as an Associate at the Rotman Creative Destruction Lab, and a Peerscale Board Member. His current company, UpHabit, is a new mobile-first venture that is helping people develop, build and nurture deeper personal relationships.

What do Attendees Say?

As someone who is interested in entrepreneurship, I loved being able to get advice from these successful entrepreneurs. 

It was nice hearing from people at different points in their professional lives; it really put in perspective the steps you need to take to reach a goal.

Nadia Salem, Havergal College Student

This offered great insights into the process behind creating a startup. This was an amazing learning opportunity for me.

I realized just how much perseverance and resilience it takes to be successful, whatever your own definition of "successful" may be.

Anna, University of Toronto Schools Student

I learned about the key aspects that helps young people like me, start their own company. I learned a lot about taking risks, reaching out to others, and building good relationships with people you work with. All in all, the event was well put together and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Carrie Liang, Bayview Glen Student


Where do Attendees Come From?

Below is a list of some of the incredible schools who have shared this opportunity with their students.



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